Testimonial 4

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EMDR Training with Rick and his amazing team of professionals has literally fulfilled a clinical dream we’ve had for over 20 years. From the very first time we learned of EMDR, all those years ago, we knew it was an evidence based approach that we wanted to offer our clients. And, as the EMDR research continued to build, our resolve only increased. However, the cost was simply prohibitive, even in our efforts to afford just 1 Therapist trained. Then, the partnership between TAASA & Rick finally made it possible for our entire Clinical team to be trained! And, we couldn’t have found more skilled, trauma sensitive, EMDR expert teachers. Rick & his team truly understand complex trauma issues & provide tenured guidance to meet such intense needs. Our clients are already experiencing unprecedented efficiency in healing efforts, with only a few months of initial implementation of EMDR…I can hardly wait to witness that effect multiplied for so many more trauma survivors, as our EMDR skills continue to develop.

Testimonial 3

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With EMDR the clinical team at Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center has significantly improved the clinical support we provide to sexual assault survivors and their loved ones. We are now able to help more survivors feel better more quickly and process through the trauma much more effectively.

The training that we received through Rick and his team was absolutely first rate! Rick and his team of expert consultants are committed to supporting those working in rape crisis centers. They understand the unique needs of clinicians working with sexual assault survivors and do their best to ensure that those needs are met.

Testimonial 2

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I was a trauma therapist for 10 years before I trained in EMDR. In my work with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, I grew frustrated with a long waiting list and limited time available for each client, given their complex trauma histories. EMDR absolutely changed the way I approached counseling with survivors. It not only gave me a deeper understanding of trauma, but also gave me a tool to use with clients that allowed substantial relief in a limited amount of time. I recommend EMDR training to all of the counselors that I train. It is more effective than any other model I have utilized with survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Rick and his team are top-notch. I have been to hundreds of trainings throughout my career and few have impacted my work as much as Rick and his team. I am a better therapist and a better supervisor because of his training.

Testimonial 1

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EMDR is an integral part of our services here at the Rape Crisis Center of San Antonio. Without Rick Levinson I am not sure this would be the case. Rick approaches his work with a conviction that helps us readily realize the benefits of EMDR. He provides quality training and stands at the ready with follow-up and support. Rick believes in our movement and for several years now has found ways to support sexual assault programs throughout the state. Miriam Elizondo, our Executive Director and a counselor trained by Rick, has directly seen the impact of EMDR in our practice with not only our clients but with protecting clinicians from burnout. I look forward to experiencing the healing effect throughout Texas of his statewide EMDR handoff.