Intern/Associate Registration

As an Intern/Associate, you will need to provide verification that you are under state sanctioned supervision by a licensed mental health professional. Please submit a letter from your current supervisor that includes their degree, license information and contact information.

    Training for which you are registering: Please Note: All Trainings are being taught virtually at this time.
    Virtual Training April/July 2022 (This Training is in progress)Virtual Training June/October 2022 (This Training is in progress)Virtual Training August/December 2022 (A Wait List has been started for this Training)Future Trainings

    Please upload a letter of confirmation from your current supervisor which acknowledges that you are under their supervision. It needs to includes the supervisor's degree information, licensure information and license number. You may also email the letter to or fax them to 512-327-4944.

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    I understand the following requirements of the EMDR Therapy Training:
    • To participate in all portions of the training, including all segments of both weekends.
    • To practice the skills learned in the weekends and begin to actively use EMDR.
    • To bring the worksheets of that work to consultation for review and support.

    I further understand that I may not participate in consultation sessions without having work to present and that the completion of the consultation sessions is required to complete this EMDR Therapy Training.

    I Accept

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