Non-Profit and Government Agency Registration

Please upload proof of full time employment at the non-profit or government agency you work for. Pay stub showing hours worked is required. You may also email these documents to or fax them to 512-327-4944.

Training for which you are registering:
Austin January/April 2020 (A Wait List has been started for this Training)Houston March/June 2020 (A Wait List has been started for this Training)Austin May/August 2020 (A Wait List has been started for this Training)Dallas July/October 2020Austin September/December 2020

How would you like to pay?
Online PaymentPayment PlanPay by CheckWait List

I understand the following requirements of the EMDR Therapy Training:
• To participate in all portions of the training, including all segments of both weekends.
• To practice the skills learned in the weekends and begin to actively use EMDR.
• To bring the worksheets of that work to consultation for review and support.

I further understand that I may not participate in consultation sessions without having work to present and that the completion of the consultation sessions is required to complete this EMDR Therapy Training.

I Accept

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